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Mesaje care mi-au atras atenţia in 2011 (1)

22 februarie 2012.Alex. Chimu.0 Likes.3 Comments

Sunt abonat la o serie de newsletter-e pe care le primesc prin e-mail. Strategia pe care am adoptat-o pentru a extrage ceva util dezvoltării mele din aceste mesaje este să le citesc, în limita timpului disponibil și să le marchez pe cele care îmi atrag atenția.

Vreau să împărtășesc cu tine mesajele pe care le-am marcat în 2011, pentru a-ți oferi încă o sursă de informații utile dezvoltării tale. Nu știu dacă este sau nu în regulă să postez mesajele primite, poate că ar trebui să te îndrum spre a te abona la newsletter-e… Oricum, important este să înveți ceva din ele.

Așadar, să începem cu mesajele primite de la Global TeleClass, într-un newsletter care conține citate legate de afaceri:

Biz tip of the day – Global TeleClass

Your friends and relatives are the hardest to sell.

If you have to advertise to attract business, you don’t know the bestway to market.

Does the bag boy at the supermarket make more money than you do? If so, you need to finally learn what to do and start doing it or give up your dreams and all of the benefits of owning your own business.

Questions can arouse emotion. Emotion causes people to take action.

People don’t buy products because they want to own them. They want the benefits they expect to get. What’s the point? Focus on what your products will DO for your prospects.

Each time you reread or rehear good training material you get something different out of it. This is not because you missed something before, but because you are a different person than you were before.

Look around you. There are endless ways for you to create multiple income streams that are related to the business you’re already in: training, speaking, coaching, organizing events, selling training material, joint ventures, referrals, affiliate fees, designing websites, creating newsletters, CD duplication, etc., etc.

The more senses you can get your prospects to utilize during your presentation, the better the odds of you doing business with them. If you are just talking, talking, talking, how many senses are involved? Only one, hearing.

One of the reasons people fail in business is because they demand far greater results than they can immediately obtain. Avoid this mistake by taking small incremental steps towards what you ultimately want to achieve.

The two motivators, avoiding pain and seeking pleasure, will drown us if we leave them untamed. Harnessed, they can give us unlimited energy.

All things of value, including personal relationships, worldly possessions and business skills, require some degree of attention – or you will lose them.

If you want to be motivated, you must identify and overcome your de-motivators.

The more times you get rejection, the closer you are to overcoming it.

Vom continua în alt articol cu următorul newsletter, nu are rost să îți înșir toate mesajele aici, sunt peste 50.

P.S. Mă enervează cuvântul newsletter, dar nu știu cu ce alt cuvânt să îl înlocuiesc 🙂

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Comments (3)

  • ancabalaban . 8 decembrie 2012 . Răspunde

    scrisorica electronica :))

    • Alex. Chimu . 8 decembrie 2012 . Răspunde

      E o variantă foarte inspirată, mulțumesc ;))

      • ancabalaban . 8 decembrie 2012 . Răspunde

        cu placere 😉

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